How much weight can a splitter van carry?

Around 900kgs in the Luxury vans and 1000kgs in the Basics. Mini Splitters have a payload of around 1175kgs.

Is there a mileage limit with your vans?


Can I plug my own hard drive into the TVs in your vans?

No, the TV’s are mounted into the bulkhead so there is no access around the rear of the TV. All our luxury vans have hard drives already built in.

What happens if I incur a fine (e.g. parking, Dartford Tunnel, etc)?

If you have a chance to pay it yourself do so. Otherwise we’ll make a representation to the relevant authority.  On certain occasions we will need to bill it on with a £30 + VAT administration charge.

What tyres do I require if I’m going to be driving in mainland Europe in the winter months?

Winter tyres are now a legal requirement for vehicles traveling in Austria (1 Nov – 15 Apr), Finland (1 Dec – 28 Feb), Sweden (1 Dec – 31 Mar) and Germany (when conditions dictate). . We can supply full winter tyres with the M+S* markings if requested in advance.

Does the van come with a full tank?

Yes. Vans must be returned full otherwise we will charge this on at £2.00 incl VAT per litre.

Can I take your vans outside of the UK?

Yes, there is a £10 per day + VAT Euro Cover charge. We will need to know which countries you will be driving through as some countries are subject to restrictions or exclusions and we may have to charge additional costs.

Can we use our own insurance policy?

Our insurance company will not allow our vehicles to be put under the hirer’s own insurance.

What information do I need to provide for each driver?

Each driver will need to provide us in advance with scans of both sides of their driving licence photocard, two forms of ID (e.g. passport and recent - within last 3 months - Bank Statement and Utility Bill where the address matches that shown on the driving licence) and a DLVA checkcode...

How many drivers can we have insured?

You get 2 drivers on the insurance included with the hire fee. To add more there is a one off charge of £10+VAT per additional driver.

Is there a driver minimum age restriction?

You need to be 22 or above and have held a full driver’s licence (issued within the EU) with no endorsements for at least 2 year...