9-SEATER Van Hire rates from £1330 to £1810 for a 10-night rental. Rates inclusive of winter tyres, snow chains, Euro insurance and breakdown cover. Standard vans or luxury vans (with leather seating and onboard entertainment) available. Vehicle collection from Oxford, delivery and collection to/from your home can be arranged at extra cost (please enquire for further details). The vans are provided on a self-drive basis and can be driven on a standard driving licence.

12 to 16-person chauffeur driven tour/sleeper buses transporting you in comfort, privacy and in style from your home to your holiday accommodation. A real 'door to door' service allowing you to escape all the chaos and uncertainty that air travel and resort transfers can bring. Experienced drivers, bespoke coaches with comfortable seating, onboard entertainment and sleeper berths, allowing you to travel overnight from the UK and wake up fresh and ready for your week on the slopes. Rates vary from £12825 to £15425 and include fuel, tolls, ferry and driver/s for a ten-night period. Other costs will apply for driver accommodation and extra services (please enquire). It's not cheap, but it is unique - and your kids will love the experience, absolutely guaranteed. When compared to the cumulative costs of flights, transfers, airport parking etc., we feel our rates of around £1000 per person for return travel from the UK to a European ski resort are quite reasonable - especially in peak season.  All prices and costings provided above (for both vans and coaches) give a good indication of overall price, however each journey is unique and we will need to provide a full quote based on your exact requirements.



Benefits of self-drive 9-seat van to the Alps.

  • Escape the chaos of airports and resort transfers, take control of your own itinerary.
  • Benefit from up to 8 days' skiing with our 10-night van rental rates.

  • Lots of space for luggage and all your kit, you can even take your own food if you wish.

  • Use of van whilst in resort - visit nearby resorts with lift pass sharing arrangements.

  • Enjoy a leisurely drive through Europe with overnight stops either way to break up the journey and add enjoyment to your holiday.

  • It doesn't need to be a race to your final destination. Share the driving between two or three passengers with our inclusive insurance rates.

  • Fill the van with goodies from the hypermarket on your return.

Benefits of 12-to-16-person tour/sleeper buses

  • A unique experience and a unique way to travel to the Alps. 
  • Genuine door to door service. Once on board, sit back and relax and let us get you to your chosen destination in comfort and in style.

  • Experienced tour coach drivers. Your safety is our priority, and we drive in a way that allows you to get a good night's sleep whilst on board.

  • On-board entertainment to keep kids and adults amused.

  • Opportunity to ski up to 8 days with our coach hires, we can arrange an itinerary that allows you to maximise your time on the slopes.

  • Fair value. It's not cheap, but compared to the total cost of air travel (flights, transfers airport parking etc.) we feel our rates are not excessive especially in high season.

6 seat vw transporter

These 6 seat vans have a secure storage area behind a fixed bulkhead and come in black with automatic transmission. We can insure drivers aged over 21.

9 seat Luxury Class splitter Van in black

These splitter vans can carry up to 9 people & have the option of captains seats, 240v power, WIFI, tables, & large equipment storage areas for skis, skiing equipment and luggage. We can insure drivers aged over 21.

9 seat basic class splitter van

These 9 seat splitter vans are a more compact & basic version of the luxury class vans. All seating is forward facing.  We can insure drivers aged over 21.

9 seat luxury class splitter van in white

These splitter vans can carry up to 9 people & have the option of captains seats, 240v power, WIFI, tables, & large equipment storage areas for skis, skiing equipment and luggage. We can insure drivers aged over 21. Choice of auto or manual transmission.

Sleeper Bus accommodation units

Our sleeper buses are perfect for transporting up to 16 passengers, with ski equipment and luggage from the UK to European destinations (with the option of separate bedrooms for smaller parties, lounges, kitchens & toilets).


Our 9-seat vans can be driven on a standard licence and provide a comfortable and spacious means of transport to the Alps.

Our standard 10-day rental rates allow you to load the van well in advance of your departure and, with generous luggage space, you will not be struggling to squeeze your luggage and ski equipment into the vehicle as you might do with a family car. With insurance, European breakdown cover, winter tyres and snow chains all included in the price, there's simply no need to go through all the hassle of preparing your own vehicle for a journey to the Alps. As these are 9-seater vehicles, there's plenty of space for two families or a group of friends to share, and no one person need shoulder the responsibility (nor put the miles on their Audi or Mercedes) alone.

At full capacity, and at an average of around 25mpg, you will find these vans to be quite economical on the motorways of Europe and cost-effective too. In terms of carbon footprint, the vans offer good savings when compared to air travel (as self-drive/air travel comparisons published elsewhere clearly state). Further, our vans achieve around 25mpg with 8 passengers onboard. This figure equates to around 50mpg for each group of 4 people if they were, instead, to share a family car for the same trip to the Alps. As such, at full capacity the vans offer the opportunity to exploit the upper limits of carbon savings associated with choosing self-drive as an alternative to air travel.

With secure luggage storage, there's no reason not to stop in a hotel to break up your journey and add enjoyment to your holiday, and there is the opportunity to extend your 6-day ski holiday to enjoy 8 days on the slopes. Leave the UK early Friday morning, get to a hotel in Chambery or Albertville by the evening, wake up early and hit the slopes on your arrival Saturday. On your departure Saturday, load up the van, ski all day, return to the van and drive a few hours out of the Alps and stay overnight in a hotel before completing your journey the following Sunday.

In short, our vans offer all the benefits of self-drive without any of the associated complications. You can manage the journey in your own time and at your own pace, share the driving and escape the chaos and delays associated with airports and air travel.

Pricing for the Vans

6-seater - £1330 January, £1450 February and March. 9-seater standard van - £1330 January, £1510 February and March. 9-seater luxury van - £1570 January, £1810 February and March.

Vans provided on a self-drive basis, collection from Oxford (delivery/collection to/from home address can be arranged at extra cost). Rates are inclusive of insurance for 2 x drivers, minimum age 21. Breakdown insurance and winter tyres as well as snow chains provided and included in the price. This summary gives a good indication of pricing; however, we always need to quote for a final price and the above rates are indicative only and not contractual.

Sleeper Coaches

A true 'door to door' travel experience, we can collect you from your home address and deliver you directly to your ski chalet or hotel.

Our sleeper coaches are designed for use in the music and entertainment industries where expectations are high. With on-board lounges and entertainment, as well as sleeping berths (bunks) for up to 16 passengers, our coaches provide the ideal alternative to the stresses associated with air travel. Yes, it takes longer to get to the Alps. However, you can sleep on board for a fair proportion of that time and arrive in resort ready to collect ski passes before checking into your ski chalet or hotel in time for an evening meal. You can, of course, take all the luggage that you want and once it is on board you don't have to worry about shuffling it around the airport, collecting it from carrousels, wheeling it to the transfer bus and, most importantly, that anything has been lost along the way. These coaches are designed for bands on tour, with space for all the backline a top act requires. As such, plenty of space is available for your skis, boots, a couple of suitcases each - even bring your own duvet and pillow if you're particularly attached to the comfort they provide.

For this type of journey, we feel that our coaches will probably average around 8mpg. That doesn't sound great, but with 16 people on board it does equate to around 32mpg for each group of 4 people if they were, instead, to share a family car for the same trip to the Alps. In terms of carbon footprint and pollution, we feel this type of travel is comparable to self-drive to the Alps and still represents a fair carbon saving when compared to air travel.

Ultimately, this is a quite different way to travel to the Alps. It is not cheap; we are clear about that. The cost of fuel, crossings, and tolls alone is well over £2000, driving regulations mean we employ (and need to account for) double drivers, and the cost of the coaches to be specially fitted out is almost double that of a 'standard' production coach. As such, our coach services can never be 'cheap' but they are unique and we can make sure that your money has been well spent. At around £1000 per person, we feel our rates are comparable to the combined costs (flights, transfers and airport parking) associated with air travel, especially in peak season and/or on busy Saturday transfer days. What's more, for your money you get a truly unique experience, so why not sit back, relax, enjoy the on-board entertainment and take the leisurely option for your journey to the Alps. Your holiday experience can start the moment you leave your front door, not just when you arrive at your ski chalet or hotel.

Pricing for Sleeper Coaches, 12 to 16 passengers

Premium 16-berth - £13725 January, £15425 February and March.

Premium 12-berth - £12825 January, £13750 February and March.

Price includes door to door collection and drop off, fuel (1500 miles inc., extra at £1/mile) and tolls, ferry crossing, double drivers included in price. Does not include accommodation for drivers abroad (although it's possible to locate the bus and drivers in the valley and away from resort prices for the week). This summary gives a good indication of pricing; however, we always need to quote for a final price and the above rates are indicative only and not contractual.

Types of ski holiday. Our vehicles can be used as transport to and from your holiday accommodation and as a direct replacement for air travel. In addition, our vehicles benefit from some unique qualities and this allows them to be used to create a number of exciting itineraries that would be difficult to achieve with air travel.

Standard ski holiday. Our vehicles can be used as a direct replacement for air travel when holiday accommodation is booked in the standard Saturday to Saturday format. You can also extend your holiday either side, and benefit from 8 days' skiing for just the one week off work. That's an extra 33% skiing time, almost for free.

Snow Seeker. What makes a great ski holiday? Excellent snow conditions will make a big difference to your week on the slopes. If fresh, crisp snow or powder conditions are what turns you on, then why not book a vehicle and crossing but leave the final choice of destination until the last-minute, when you know for sure where the best snow conditions can be found? We wouldn't recommend this option for peak-season travel (e.g. February half-term) when accommodation options can be scarce but accommodation is, otherwise, usually plentiful and can be booked a week or two before your departure. This is particularly true in January when low season demand and prices often combine with significant snowfalls. If you've already got your vehicle booked and a flexible plan in place, you can be ready to take advantage of the best skiing conditions that Europe has to offer.

Multi Resort. With your own vehicle or coach charter, you can 'mix it up' and visit two or three different ski destinations during your trip. We wouldn't recommend sleeping on the coaches whilst in resort and simply do not offer it as an option. However, we can travel overnight a couple of times during your holiday to allow you to change resort and/or country and experience different scenery and snow conditions. You could visit St Anton, Zermatt and Chamonix all in one holiday, or visit 3 x lesser-known resorts with smaller, but good quality, ski areas, and more competitive prices compared to larger, more well-known ski areas. Travel overnight between resorts, maximise skiing time and get that 'on tour' experience that our coaches are designed for.

Ski Pass Explorer. Our vehicles allow you to take advantage of areas with lift-pass sharing arrangements. Bormio is a good example; you can ski in Bormio, Santa Caterina and Livigno all on the one ski pass. The Ski Amade lift pass in Austria is another good option, with one lift-pass allowing access to 25 resorts (located in five main ski regions) with 860kms of ski runs between them. In regions where lift-pass sharing is not available, you can just buy day tickets and plan to visit a number of ski resorts nearby to wherever you have chosen to stay. Whatever you choose, our vehicles can provide the perfect base for day trips and excursions allowing you to return to you own comfortable vehicle for drinks and lunch stops during the day, or collect/deposit clothing and kit as and when required.

Ski and See. Much as you might enjoy skiing, a couple of nights in a European city can add variety to the end of your holiday and an opportunity to relax before returning to work the following week.

All of our vehicles are maintained and cleaned between hires in accordance with strict Covid 19 protocols.

For your convenience we are based at EAST LONDON, LONDON HEATHROW, AND OXFORD