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VFB has a hire fleet of 7' x 5' unbraked, twin axle, 750kg trailers that can be hitched to the back of our splitter vans or mini splitters.


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Trailer Information

  • 7' x 5' box
  • 750kgs gross weight
  • 400kg payload
  • Twin axle
  • Unbraked trailers
  • Driveable on a normal B category driving licence
  • 7'' x 5' box trailers are currently only available for UK hires

Please note that according to UK law if the gross towing weight of a vehicle and trailer exceeds 3500 kgs and the vehicle is being used for ‘Hire and Reward’ (ie, for business) then a tachograph should be used. Our splitter vans are not fitted with tachographs.

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7' x 5' Trailers

available from our oxford, heathrow and london sites

we also offer delivery / collection of splitter vans throughout the UK and Europe

Double Deck Premium 16 Berth extra services


VFB offer a number of extra services & options to cover all your touring needs:

From experienced tour drivers, to Europe wide delivery and collection, to backline hire we have a solution for you. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.