Can I collect the van the night before the hire starts?

Usually not, but we will always do our best to accommodate requests.

Can I leave a car on your premises?

Yes we have free secure parking at our Oxford site. We have parking at our Heathrow and Bristol sites but...

Can I return a van out of hours?

Yes we have self-drop options available for all our sites.

Can I collect a van out of hours?

No. Vehicles must be picked up in office hours.

Are the vans congestion exempt?

All our splitter vans are congestion charge exempt.

Are the vans compliant for Clean Air Zones (eg London's ULEZ, Bath and Birmingham's CAZ)?

As of May 2021 our fleet is made up of Euro 5 and Euro 6 rated vehicles. Each of our vehicles has a sticker near the ignition key which will tell you its Euro rating for emissions.

What are Euro emissions ratings and why should I care?

All new vehicles sold within the European Union have to meet increasingly tough emissions standards in order to help combat pollution. The Euro ratings go from...

Can I have merchandise delivered to VFB for the start of a tour?

Yes you can but please contact us BEFORE arranging delivery

Can you provide a GPS (Sat Nav) for my hire?

Yes we can. They are £5+VAT per week. If you are hiring a Luxury or VIP class van then there is no charge for a Sat Nav unit, but you need to request one in advance to ensure we have availability.

Can you provide WIFI for my hire?

Yes we can, we have limited availability so please request one in advance. They are pay as you go units.

Can you arrange backline hire?

Yes, we can offer backline hire at fantastic rates as part of your transportation package through our backline partner.  We have access...

When can I get the vehicle registration so I can book the Channel crossing?

We can supply this at the time of booking, but we reserve the right to change the vehicle should there be a problem with it or a previous hirer returns it late, etc.