Can I drive a splitter van on a normal car licence?

Yes you can. You need a normal B category driving license to drive our splitter vans.

Can I tow a trailer?

We have a fleet of 7’ x 5’ unbraked, twin axle, 750kg trailers that can be hitched to the back of our splitters vans or mini splitters.  These can be driven on a normal B category driving licence.

Can I add other drivers to the insurance during the hire?

Yes you can. Each driver will need to provide us in advance with scans of both sides of their driving licence photocard, two forms of ID (e.g. passport and recent - within last 3 months - Bank Statement and Utility Bill where the address matches that shown on the driving licence) and a DLVA checkcode ( for UK licence holders...

What is a damage excess?

A damage excess (called a ‘deductible’ in the US) is the maximum amount of money that the hirer is responsible for in the event that the vehicle is damaged or stolen...

Can I reduce the damage excess?

You can reduce your insurance excess to zero for £9.99 per day with

Will I get charged for minor defects to the van?

We don’t charge for...

If I arrange a driver through VFB are they responsible for the damage excess?

No, drivers are hired by yourselves and you are the hirer of the vehicle.  Therefore the hirer is responsible for any costs from the moment the van leaves our yard until it is returned.

If I’ve driven one of your vans before do I still need to send in scans of my driver’s licence and DVLA check code?

You will need to send in an updated DVLA checkcode unless you’ve hired from us in the past 3 months.

Can I have the van delivered and/or collected?

We offer FREE London (within M25 Heathrow Airport) delivery/collection.  For hires under 6 days a charge...

If I hire a driver do I have to cover the cost of driver meeting me at the start of the hire?

The driver will pick up the van from our yard  and bring it to you. It will leave our yard full so will need to be returned full of diesel.

Will a driver cover fuel/tolls/parking on a hire?

These are the hirer’s costs to cover. On some occasions the driver...

Do I need to provide accommodation for a driver?

Yes please, ideally their own room. Nobody likes a tired driver.