What documents do I need to bring with me when I collect the van?

You need to bring your driving license.

How do I confirm a booking?

You will need to fill out and email back the confirmation details in the quotation email we have sent you. We also then need a 10% or £50 (whichever is greater) confirmation deposit.

What is your booking cancellation policy?

In the event of a booking being cancelled within 14 days of the beginning of the proposed rental period, we’ll charge...

What are your opening hours?

10am – 6pm weekdays.
10am – 2pm Saturdays (by arrangement only)
10.30am – midday Sundays (by arrangement only)

How do I book a splitter van?

How to book a splitter van through Vans For Bands...

What are the dimensions of the van we are hiring?

The dimensions of our splitter vans are detailed here.

What fuel consumption will we get in a splitter van?

You can get around 27-30mpg depending on driving style...

What are splitter vans booked as for ferry crossings?

You can book them as Vans/Minibuses/Camper vans.

Are automatic or manual transmission vans more fuel efficient?

They are similar. Our newest Automatic vans have 7 gears so are very efficient.

Are we covered for break downs?

Yes, we have Mercedes 24 and Volkswagen Assist across UK and Europe. We also have RAC for smaller issues in the UK.

Will you replace our van if a problem occurs on the hire?

If we have a vehicle free we will do our best to swap them out, depending on where you are, as sometimes it will be quicker to wait for the repair.