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Hire Nightliners and Splitter Vans for the Music Industry

Vans For Bands Ltd, also known as VfB Touring, is a premier supplier of Splitter Vans and Sleeper Buses (or Nightliners) to the music industry in Europe. Based in the UK, we have one of the largest and best fleets currently available in the world, regularly providing vehicles for as many as 100 tours every month.

From this page you can find links to information about each of the vehicles and services we offer, including:

Splitter Vans

Every vehicle is fully insured for self-drive hire use in the entertainment industry, with roadside assistance included as standard. 9-seat vehicles are available in standard and luxury formats, as well as 6-seat MPV’s for smaller touring acts.

10, 12 & 16 Berth Sleeper Buses / Nightliners

A full range of sleeper buses (also known as nightliners) can be browsed and rented here, with drivers and luxury appointments included, as well as optional trailers.

Professional services for touring musicians

Deliveries of gear & personnel; cross loads; backline & merch storage – we regularly handle services for the biggest acts in the UK.

Hiring touring personnel

Drivers, tour managers and other touring personnel by arrangement.

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Row of vans for hire in the UK, designed for touring musicians